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Mineralni Bani Municipality is located in Southern Bulgaria, 18 km away from the regional city of Haskovo. The territory of 214 664 decares is located in the Eastern Rhodopes and is characterized by its mostly hilly terrain. The altitudes vary from 50 to 500 m, with the highest peak "Aida" -859 m high.
The resort of Mineralni Bani, which is also a municipal center, is located at 280 m above the sea level. The region has a temperate continental climate - mild winters, warm summers and long lasting autumns, which favors the year-round Spa treatment. There are no large industrial enterprises on the territory of the municipality that pollute the environment. The resort is surrounded by beautiful forest vegetation, giving it crystal clear air and natural beauty.

The settlement of Mineralni Bani has its fame as a balneological resort since the Roman Age. Back then, thermal springs attracted people with their healing effect for rheumatic, peripheral - vascular, musculoskeletal, gynecological and other diseases. According to historians, during the 2nd century an ancient town with over 12,000 inhabitants / Toplicos / was located around the hot mineral springs.

The mineral water - the most valuable natural wealth of the region is hyperthermal / 57 ° С / and unique in its chemical composition and healing properties. It gushes from 14 springs with a flow rate of 1500 l / min. It is characterized as sodium sulfate, calcium and fluoric.

Accommodation opportunities, tourist routes and transport accessibility

The guests of Mineralni Bani have the opportunity  during their stay here to visit interesting sights in places close to the resort such as  "The Statue of the Mother of God" in Haskovo, the ancient holy city "Perperikon" /50 km./, "The spring of the Nymphs" near the village of Kasnakovo / 20 km /,  "The Alexandrov Tomb" / 40 km /,  "The Stone Mushrooms" near the village of Beli Plast / 25 km /,  "The Temple of Orpheus" near the village of Tatul - 15 km east of the town of Momchilgrad,  "The Thracian tomb" near the village of Mezek, 10 km from the town of Svilengrad and others.
Neat guest houses, private rooms / private accommodations /, hotels and small family hotels offer wonderful facilities for complete relaxation, spa and physiotherapy treatments to the guests of the resort. Several new modern hotel complexes are currently under construction.
 Mineralni Bani Municipality is only 100 km away from our borders with Greece and Turkey and 14 km from the international road E-80 / Sofia-Plovdiv-Istanbul /.
From the capital city of Sofia / 230 km / through Mineralni Bani to Kardzhali / 45 km / and vice versa, there are comfortable buses that pass daily. There is also a regular and convenient bus connection to the city of Haskovo / 18 km /.

The good transport accessibility, the location of Mineralni Bani, the favorable climate, the unique healing properties of the mineral water and the growing investor interest are all factors that define the resort as a promising and attractive balneological and SPA center.

Opportunities for development of rural tourism

At the foot of the peak, among the beautiful forest vegetation, is nestled the pretty, picturesque village of Bryastovo, where has already been initiated the development of rural tourism. Except the beautiful nature, peace and quiet that reigns here,  the guests in the village are offered additional entertainment such as archery, horseback riding to interesting places, rock climbing of "Garvanitsa" rocks / mountaineering /, sport fishing and more.

Green schools

Mineralni bani is a suitable place for organizing green schools. The favorable natural resources of the region were the reason why the Mineralni Bani resort was preferred for the prevention of over 200 children from the city of Minsk / Belarus / for two years after the Chernobyl accident.
The availability of enough tourist accommodation facilities, the sports base under construction, the tranquility of the resort and the wonderful 6 eco-trails, covering almost all important cultural and natural attractions are all prerequisites for organizing green schools in Mineralni Bani.


In the area between the peak of "Aida" and the village of Sarnitsa there are a number of interesting  protected natural landmarks for nature lovers, such as "Eagle Rocks", "Boraka" reserve, „ A  habitat of wild peony and lily of the valley" and others. South of Aida Peak is the Black Rock and Kupena Peak, on which the Kalpak Kaya rock stands like a hat. Many unique natural phenomena and historical landmarks are included in the project of the municipality for construction of eco-trails.

The maintained Boraka” reserve
It is located on the land of the village of Sarnitsa, Mineralni Bani municipality, Haskovo region.
The maintained reserve has an area of 12.7 hectares. It was declared as a reserve in order to protect a centuries-old, natural, self-propagating black pine forest. The average age of the trees is between 120 and 150 years.

The protected Aida area
It is located on the land of the village of Spahievo, Mineralni Bani municipality, Haskovo region.
The protected area has an area of 3.5 hectares. It is a natural, ancient, seed beech forest.

A natural Eagle Rock landmark
It is located on the land of the village of Sarnitsa, Mineralni Bani municipality, Haskovo region.
The natural landmark has an area of 1.5 hectares. It is a complex of interesting and majestic rocks, some of which reach 30-40 m in height. This is a rock phenomenon resembling a medieval castle with strong towers.
There was an old Thracian settlement here and to this day the remains of a fortress from the New Iron Age can be seen. Trapezium-shaped cult niches are carved on many of the rocks. Most of them have a trapezium shape, but there are also cylindrically arched ones. It is considered that in the numerous niches on the rocks there were placed urns with the ashes of deceased members of the lower class.

Natural landmark The pierced stone
It is located on the land of the village of Sarnitsa, Mineralni Bani municipality, Haskovo region.
The natural landmark has an area of 1 hectare. It is a complex of interesting rock formations. The rock is 4 meters high and more than 12 meters wide. It resembles the wonderful bridges of Hercupree, with the difference that it is located on a ridge and not on a gap / river /. Except the opening, there is also a large covered cave.

Natural landmark A habitat of lily of the valley and wild peony
It is located in the Drenaka area on the land of the village of Spahievo, Mineralni Bani municipality, Haskovo region.
The natural landmark has an area of 3 hectares. Its aim is to preserve the natural habitat of lily of the valley and wild peony.

From Mineralni Bani to the peak of "Aida" there is an asphalt road /8 km./. There is situated a tourist hut "Aida" / 750 m above the sea level /. The hut can be reached by a marked walking route. If the tourists climb the path to the alpine shelter to the top, they can observe the interesting rock formations "The Sphinx" and "The Blind Dog". The Sharapani area offers panoramic views of the eastern Rhodope slopes, the Trakiets Dam and the Haskovo plain. The hill is rich in many Thracian, Roman and medieval cultural monuments.

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