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A Folklore festival „With a round dance to grape-gathering“

A Folklore festival „With a round dance to grape-gathering“

The festival includes an attraction - a restoration of an ancient Thracian ritual, combined with the colorfulness of Bulgarian folklore, presented by folk dance clubs from all around the country.
The festival is held within 3 days in September, as the dates are defined by the days of the beginning of the harvest in the particular year.
In 2018 this event was held for the third time in a row in the municipality of Mineralni Bani and there is observed a growing interest  to participate in and visit it with each passing year. The idea of the accompanying attraction is to recreate an ancient Thracian ritual "The wine of Sabazios-Zagreus", which is expressed in picking grapes in the fertile vineyards in the land of the village of Susam - Thracian grape harvest and crushing of grapes for wine in the ancient Thracian "Sharapani" near Mineralni Bani.

The so-called Thracian wineries - "Sharapani" are located about 4 km. south of Mineralni Bani. They are artificial rock furrows / boilers / with a sloping bottom and connecting channels / gutters /.
It is assumed that the Thracians still processed grapes for wine in them. They date back from the first millennium BC. The area of Mineralni Bani municipality is rich in sharapans.
There are 5 in Mineralni Bani , in the area of the village of Bryastovo where the ritual takes place, there are 6 of them, there are also “Sharapani” near Orlovi skali, Kupena and Hassara Angel Voyvoda. All are accessible to tourists.

The aspiration of the organizers is to turn the event into a part of the activities aimed at implementing the national strategy for wine, as well as creating an attractive opportunity and occasion for guests from the country and abroad  visit the area. This event with the unique atmosphere of ritual games near interesting archeological monuments - sharapans, ancient fortresses and memorial niches - is an opportunity for producers of grapes and wine from the area to present their wine for tasting and sale. The aim of the cultural animation is to turn the municipality of Mineralni Bani together with the springs for balneotherapy into an important accent for the development of tourism. The expectations are to intensify the cooperation with neighboring municipalities and districts, with similar organizations from Plovdiv and the Thracian tourist region. The event is documented, and there are already filmed and broadcast videos  that permanently support the information and advertising activities for the Municipality of Mineralni Bani, which are related to the tourist interest.

A Folklore festival „With a round dance to grape-gathering“ A Folklore festival „With a round dance to grape-gathering“

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