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01 May 2020   2217

International Children's Ethno Festival in Mineralni bani has postponed

Due to an emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the holding of the XX Jubilee International Children's Ethno-Festival has been postponed. The festival will be organized in the following months depending on the course of the pandemic and the necessary measures to overcome the crisis.

27 April 2020   1171

Free internet access in the parks of Mineralni Bani

The Municipality of Mineralni Bani received vouchers from the European Commission for free internet in public places under the WiFi4EU initiative. The WiFi4EU project is intended for EU citizens and visitors who will have free wireless internet access in public places, such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries or health centers throughout the Union.

09 April 2020   2089

The public bath in Mineralni Bani will be repaired with a project

The public bath, which is one of the most visited places in Mineralni Bani, will be completely renovated. The project of the municipality for the building, which is 470 sq.m, includes repairing of the roof, new water supply and sewerage installation, as well as replacement of the electric and heating installation.