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Mineral water - a basic prerequisite for the development of medical, spa and wellness tourism

Since 2011 the mineral water and all facilities to it are provided to the municipality of Mineralni Bani for management and use.  Anyone who wishes to use mineral water submits an application to the technical department of the administration.

The mineral water with its unique chemical composition and healing properties is an important prerequisite for the development of social tourism and spa treatment - / medical tourism /. This type of tourism is an important function of every country, associations and enterprises for the socio-economic support of people with their health care and recreation. Many countries, according to their budgetary possibilities, allocate funds under the social funds for medical treatment of people, prevention of their health, restoration of their working capacity through various forms of medical, balneological and SPA services.

At the same time,  the financially stable companies also allocate certain funds for prevention and restoration of the health of their workers.
The social tourism usually uses the accommodation of holiday homes and private hotels equipped with facilities for hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and spa services.
Wonderful conditions for the development of SPA and wellness tourism are: the availability of mineral water, the quiet and peaceful place, the beautiful ecologically clean nature, etc.

The common name "SPA tourism" is used in our country to denote several similar forms of tourism: balneotourism, SPA and wellness.
There has been confirmed the notion that balneotourism is characterized by effective treatment and rehabilitation carried out under medical supervision, while spa and wellness are associated with procedures for relaxation and comfort of the body and soul, based on various natural resources:
mineral water, essential oils, healing mud, stones, etc.  The SPA centers must offer a variety of water and cosmetic procedures, as well as sports activities, through the application of environmentally friendly forms and methods of relaxation, physical and aesthetic maintenance of the body, consulted and implemented by qualified staff.
The wellness tourism includes a variety of services, procedures, therapies and programmes, as well as sports, cultural, recreational and hobby activities designed for relaxation, psycho-physical recovery and maintaining the health and creativity of the tourist.

Important! In recent years, there has been increased interest in spa holidays among Bulgarians and unlike the classic holidays, these are mainly for the weekend.
In  hotel "Bulgaria" in Mineralni Bani, which offers a large number of spa treatments and sports activities, the attendance during the weekends is significantly higher.
The tourists are mostly Bulgarians between the ages of 30 and 45, who come with their families, mostly from the nearby big cities - Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Kardzhali and others.
The half of the tourists visit the spa center accompanied by their children. A large part of these people have their own business or are on management positions, which form a social group with a standard of living above the national average.