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Free internet access in the parks of Mineralni Bani

Free internet access in the parks of Mineralni Bani

The Municipality of Mineralni Bani received vouchers from the European Commission for free internet in public places under the WiFi4EU initiative. The WiFi4EU project is intended for EU citizens and visitors who will have free wireless internet access in public places, such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries or health centers throughout the Union.

Wi-Fi hotspots are installed by both municipalities and the company to access a free internet zone by using an EU voucher.

The local administrations will be responsible for financing the internet subscription and maintaining the equipment in order to offer free and high quality wireless internet access to all citizens and visitors for a period of at least 3 years.

The Wi-Fi network must be able to provide users with a high quality internet connection. Municipalities must choose the best available offer for mass use in the particular area,as in all cases the speed must be at least 30Mbps.

The speed of the data transmission network must be at least equivalent to the speed of the connection used by the municipality for internal needs. The Commission will monitor remotely the quality of the connection in all WiFi4EU access points.

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